Find the Wine

When is the last time you enjoyed a glass of wine enough to try and find it later? With so many great wines out there coming to market, it should be happening to you fairly often. If not, you need to get out more and try new things! Where do you start? Almost all supermarkets now have winestewards but can they or will they help? Or do you attempt to use the many wine apps available today?

Maybe we should back up a step. Here are some ways you can find those wines again.

When you taste a new wine that impresses whip out that phone camera we all carry these days and get a shot of the label. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” could never be truer than in this situation. All legitimate wineries now have a website and if you took a picture you should be able to locate the producer with just a couple of clicks. Sometimes it is not as easy as it should be to find the wine through the producer. It is true, but it shouldn’t be.

So, what about those apps I mentioned? Well to be honest technology is just not there yet. Finding wine online with or seems to be your best bet so far. The apps from Delectable and the Vivino look the most promising to date and with input from users they should have a serviceable database soon. On your first sip, you should know if the wine is search worthy so find the bottle and get a picture, happy hunting.

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