Tony Meyers is Behind the Line

Tony Meyers is slender and understated aside from his arms rife with tattoos, but behind this quietness is one super fine chef that would sooner be behind the line – of a fishing rod. You ask Tony about the fishing photos on FB that show up weekly often portraying his kids in tow. “I decided to swap partying with fishing, something I’ve loved since childhood to relieve the stress of cooking and now my wife says I’m obsessed, the kids are easing into it, they don’t really have a choice.” Indeed Tony studies the fish that are running, water temperatures, weather and tidal elements as deftly as a level four black belt. If it’s one of his days off you should expect a picture to pop up showing what he hooked. This fine tuned fishing is something of an art, much like the exquisite edible presentations he puts out as daily specials at Serratto. These sold out specials start with the sauce and he builds the dish from there, precisely cooking and expertly cutting each element, adding color and form until it is ready to be served. First the diner is blinded by the beauty of his edible creation and isn’t sure if it should be eaten or admired even more, before the first bite, but hunger prevails. The flavor smack on the tongue lays waste to the visual admiration with flavors that are so insufferably good it would stop the devil from going down to Georgia. Tony isn’t the type of chef that jumps up and down prancing around screaming look at me; look at me, although he could get away with it. He lets the food do his shouting and everyone enjoys the noise and opens their mouths for the next bite of specials from behind Tony’s line.

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