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Food has a way of bringing people together. Brazil Grill knows this to be true as well as anyone. Before its opening in 2006, Henrique Konzen knew that he wanted his new Churrascaria restaurant to be authentically Brazilian. When he searched South Brazil for chefs trained in the traditional Churrasco style, he discovered his second cousin, Nestor Konzen, a chef working one of the largest Churrascarias in Sao Paulo. The rest is history. Henrique imported authentic gaucho outfits and original kitchen equipment from Brazil. The addictive qualities of Churrasco cooking delighted the Northwest for the first time.

As the original Portland Churrascaria, Brazil Grill was the first to popularize the all-you-can-eat meat experience. Tender filets, lamb, delicious Picanha, shrimp and more including a salad bar serving up authentic Brazilian sides like the Brazilian Stroganoff, the Farofa dish made from Yucca root, or Feijoada, a national dish of black beans and pork are rarely found elsewhere. In this food paradise gauchos approach your table to offer a slice of the tender, juicy meats from the very skewers that they were cooked on anytime you flip a disc. Fat slices of Grilled Pineapple, caramelized and mouth watering, Guarana soda made from Amazon Guarana Berries, or the ever popular Caipirinha that might become your favorite.

Growing up in the land where Churrasco was created, the Rio Grande Do Sul, Konzen recalled the weekend family celebrations of getting together to cook and share tender, slow-cooked meats. “They were similar to a backyard barbecue”, Konzen said. “One where the family will eat and drink together the entire day.” Brazil Grill caters to groups up to 75. “Customers laugh and have fun here.” said Daniel Garcia, the manager. Bachelor parties or romantic nights favor Brazil Grill– they fed a record number of people on Valentines Day weekend. Kids love the place, and complimentary parking is available. For whatever your group needs, Brazil Grill will be your new favorite place to celebrate.

“Brazilians have a reputation for happiness,” Konzen says. At Brazil Grill, they bring it to you on skewers.

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Carmelized Pineapple



Chicken Like None Other


Perfect Pork Chops


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